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New to Riding, an Introduction

Hello world!
After thinking about getting my motorcycle license and acquiring a bike for almost 2 years, I finally went through with it. On July 12th, I passed my written test for the M1 beginner’s license and promptly signed up for the motorcycle safety course at Fanshawe College. The course ended up being a pretty valuable first experience with motorcycling. The majority of the training is for slow-speed manoeuvres, which increased my confidence tremundously. If you are reading this and thinking about getting a motorcycle, I really recommend getting familiar with one at one of these safety courses.
The Kawasaki Super Sherpa was recommended to me as a good, reliable, commuter bike. My goal was never to cruise up and down the 401; therefore its limited power is not much of a concern to me. I read some interesting ride reports on ADVrider and I eventually settled my mind on the fact that a small bike would be great as a first motorcycle. If it could handle these intense trips people were taking the Super Sherpa on, surely it would be sufficient for me. I guess time will tell how I fare with the little thumper.

I have taken some pictures of my new ride. It is a 2005 with just over 51,000 km. From the pictures, you will see it has also gone on its share of trips with its previous owner.

I told myself that I should write down my experiences riding a motorcycle. Instead of writing them down on paper, I believe that sharing my experiences, in my first ever blog, could be more fun. Even if this blog does not get any real attention or readership, it will prove to be a good log of my trips.



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