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May Long Weekend

The Victoria Day May long weekend is coming up shortly, so it is about time that I start planning my trip. I’ll be visiting upstate New York and Pennsylvania for the first time. Mel and I will be leaving Saturday morning and returning Monday evening with Sam riding pillion on our two bikes. I plan to cross in Buffalo in the later parts of Saturday morning, just in time for a snack. To complete our first day, we will stop in, or near, Olean, NY.

The second day will see us spend most of our time riding around the Allegheny Forest. I hope to hit up a few nice riding roads and take the opportunity to make some pictures. I’ve heard good things about Route 666 (good thing I am not superstitious), so this is on my list of things to do. I plan to finish the second day in Warren, PA, just on the outskirts of the park.


The last day of our trip will simply be used to make our way back North to the border. Instead of crossing in Buffalo, Niagara Falls should provide a decent alternative.

I’ll end up mapping out the exact roads we took once we’re back with hopefully some good stories.



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